Goldensol Vermicompost Natural Fertilizer Manure for Plants, Flowering, ornamentals, and Vegetable Crops (1kg)


  • Goldensol vermicompost is a rich source of all essential plant nutrients to provide food for the flowering, ornamentals, potted plant and vegetable crops for kitchen garden.
  • Boosting the immunity growth of plants and suppress disease in plant because good sources of plant hormones and microorganisms.
  • Free from any chemical and weed.
  • Improve soil aeration and water holding capacity.

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Goldensol Vermicompost

Goldensol Vermicompost is an excellent natural ferilizer that is decomposition of all natural materials by earthworms.

How to use:

  • For all flowering and potted plants: 200-250 g per plant once 15 days.
  • For garden lawns: apply 2 kg (10 x 10 sq,ft) at every 2 month.
  • For small fruit plants: apply 1 to 2 kg per plant at one month intervals.
  • For mature fruit plants: apply 5 to 10 kg per plant at one month intervals.


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