Barq Ecomax B22 LED Bulb 9 Watt (Pack of 4, Cool Day Light)


  • Barq LED Bulb 9 watt is saving up to 90% energy. Barq LED Bulb consumes lower power, has wide operating voltage, is safe to use, and is good for eyes and visibility.
  • Switch to an eco-friendly led bulb 9 watt and light up your living room, bedroom, study, and even your child’s room.
  • These led bulb 9W offer more brightness (measured in lumens) per watt while consuming low power (wattage).
  • Complete lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and outdoor applications for varied budgets without compromising on quality and reliability.

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Barq Ecomax led bulb 9 watt is super-efficient and energy saving led bulb. The design of the outer cover is a wide beam angle, therefor illuminating a wider area. They offer comfortable brightness as they are powered by high lumen. thus, led bulb is a perfect retrofit solution for high CFL lamps. With led bulb enjoy up to 80% brightness and greater energy efficiency. Easy to install, can be easily fitted.

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